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"Laurence Rees has done more for good history on television in this country than anyone else."
Antony Beevor, ‘Daily Telegraph’.

LR History Ltd is a company founded by Laurence Rees in 2011.

Laurence, former Head of BBC TV History, has developed and executive produced many innovative and successful history programmes. From the most watched history programme ever transmitted on BBC Television – the CGI/drama ‘The Great Pyramid’ with a UK audience of eleven million people – to the vastly ambitious history reality BBC2 series ‘The Ship’, which re-enacted Captain Cook’s voyage up the East coat of Australia.

But it is an individual filmmaker that he is perhaps best known. For alongside his leadership role, he has also made his own documentary series – specialising in the Nazis and the Second World War.

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Touched by Auschwitz
An LR History TV production for BBC2 and BBC Worldwide.

A feature length documentary, which transmitted on BBC2 at 9 pm on Tuesday 27 January 2015.

"This immensely powerful programme."

Daily Telegraph


The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler - Leading Millions into the Abyss
An LR History TV production for BBC2 and BBC Worldwide.

"A gripping portrait of an entire nation under the sway of evil."

"This superb series"
Daily Mail
Adolf Hitler was an unlikely leader – fuelled by hate, incapable of forming normal human relationships, unwilling to debate political issues – and yet he commanded enormous support. In this series Laurence Rees examines just how Hitler became such an attractive figure to millions of people.


The series below were BBC productions, written and produced by Laurence Rees

World War Two: Behind Closed Doors

“Laurence Rees, who has made so many classic TV histories… returns with this hugely impressive six-parter…An extraordinary series.”
Daily Mail

“Absorbing and shocking too.”

For the first time on television, this series tells the true story of Stalin’s encounters with Churchill and Roosevelt and, consequently, their enormous impact on World War II and, later, the fate of post-war Europe.

Auschwitz: The Nazis & the 'Final Solution'

"With forensic calm and devastating power, Laurence Rees's [Auschwitz] series analysed one of the foremost horrors of the 20th century. A rare example of television that will benefit future generations as much as our own."
David Chater, The Times, December 2009 - in a review of the decade's top TV programmes.

Using fresh new research, dramatic reconstructions, and documentary footage, this series on Auschwitz was produced for BBC2 to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the camp.

Nazis: A Warning from History

"One of the greatest documentary series of all time".
Daily Mail

"The series that stands quite alone."
Daily Telegraph

This six part series combined extraordinary archive film, specially shot documentary footage, and interviews with people affected by and involved in the Nazi regime.

Horror in the East

"Another stunning slice of history from Laurence Rees."
Daily Telegraph review of 'Horror in the East' BBC TV.

In this incisive but accessible study, Laurence Rees confronts one of the most dramatic and important historical questions of the twentieth century - why did Japanese soldiers behave as they did?

War of the Century

Laurence Rees uses access to Russian archives not available to the West before the fall of communism, dramatic interviews with witnesses who knew Hitler or Stalin, powerful archive footage and specially shot documentary material to tell the history of Hitler’s ‘War of annihilation’ on the Eastern Front between 1941 to 1945.


Laurence’s many television awards include a BAFTA, a Grierson Award, a Broadcasting Press Guild Award, a BANFF festival award, an International Documentary Award, a Broadcast Award, a George Foster Peabody Award and two Emmys.

In New York in 2009 he received the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from 'History Makers', the worldwide congress of Historical and Current Affairs programme makers.


"A brilliant and highly original website. It offers a splendid, new and stimulating way of exploring the most terrible war in history."
Professor Sir Ian Kershaw

LR History Ltd also owns and runs ‘WW2History.com', a multimedia website conceived by Laurence Rees, which won 'Best in Class' awards in both the Education and Reference categories at the 2011 Interactive Media Awards.

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